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So… you clicked the About button… cool.

Allow me to introduce myself!

I’m Liz Emmett-Mattox.   Mom, mommy blogger, coach for moms.

If the whole idea of ‘life coach’ makes you roll your eyes- no worries.  Me too.

Before I learned that coaching wasn’t some weird, goofy thing that only applied to the really rich or really messed up I did my fair share of eye-rolling whenever I heard that someone was claiming to be a ‘life coach.’  Especially if their lives seemed to be just as wacky and screwed up as mine!

But then I met a dad at my son’s school who just happened to be the founder of one of the leading coach training programs.  And I learned that a life coach isn’t someone who has all the answers and goes around telling their clients what to do.

A coach is someone who asks the right questions, and who really listens to the answers.

It turns out I’ve been coaching people for years!  Now I finally have a name for that thing I love to do- listen to people talk about their lives, their strenghts and struggles.  I can ask questions that help them bust through the limits they thought were there.  I provide a dose of what I like to call, “compassionate accountability” to see that my clients actually DO what they say they want to do.  Or else we find out why it’s not happening.

And best of all- I get to learn right along with them.  I don’t have to have everything figured out.  In fact the things I struggle with (like organiztion and time management for instance!) turn out to be the areas I can really make a difference for other moms.

I’m here because I’ve finally found the thing that lets me bring all my education, skills, passions, quirks, foibles and screw-ups into the world and help make it a better place.

Having found the thing that I love to do, I now focus on helping other Moms find their THING- and supporting them to find the time, energy and space to pursue it.

We’ve all heard the saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” So,if you ask me, the key to happiness and world peace is…. make mama happy!

I write a blog, and offer classes and one on one coaching for moms looking to find that spark of themselves that got covered in breastmilk and baby poop all those years ago, but is still in there somewhere.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers- but I love asking the questions- both of myself and the women I work with.

I did my coach training with Newfield Network and am a member of the ICC.

Fun facts about me: I am a bona fide philosopher (have the Ph.D. to prove it).  I sing with an a capella jazz ensemble and love to read, cook and knit.  My son is a fourth grader in a Waldorf School where I’m what you might call an active parent!  I’m a delayed onset athlete- I was a sedentary geek most of my life but started running in my late 20s.  I now run regularly and do a half marathon about once a year.  I scratch my writing itch by writing for a small local monthly paper in addition to my blog.

If you want to know more about me, check out the archives on the blog, follow me on Twitter or shoot me an email– I’d love to get to know you as well!