You can’t fool me…

Inside that ordinary mom exterior lives a totally hot superhero who has a burning desire to change the world.

And what’s more…. she has some amazing superpowers that even she doesn’t quite grasp.

I know you probably don’t feel much like a superhero most days.

Maybe you feel like the scullery maid, picking up after everyone else.

Some days you’re the chauffeur delivering kids here and there and running errands in between.

Other days, you’re the volunteer queen making phone calls and setting up meetings for the fundraiser, campaign or other major event.

Maybe you don’t even want to be a superhero because you think SuperMom looks like one of these characters:

  • The Human Tornado:  She’s busy every minute spinning herself in circles.   At the end of the day, she’s exhausted, but doesn’t have a clue what she’s done all day.
  • Elastic Woman:  S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s herself so thin meeting everyone else’s needs, you can hardly see HER at all.

and then there’s

  • The Woman of Steel:  Nothing phases this one.  Special needs kid?  Husband lost his job?  Mom sick again?  She holds it all together with a chipper smile and a positive attitude.  She’ll never let you see her sweat.

These gals all have killer PR departments who would like us to think that THEY are the real SuperMoms.  I’ve certainly fallen for it.  I’ve tried to be all these characters- sometimes in the same day!  Maybe you have too.

But what they offer leads to exhaustion, invisibility and isolation.

And that’s no way for a mom to live.  It’s not good for you and it’s not good for your family.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way- even for SuperMoms.

When you tap into your authentic superpower- that unique combination of  skills, interests, talents and passions that is yours and yours alone, the whole world comes alive again.

When you’re really in the groove, you move through your day with energy and purpose.  At night, you’ll rest well, content with your day’s accomplishments and eager to pick up where you left off in the morning.

Best of all, you’re not sacrificing yourself in the process.  You get to be the biggest, best version of YOU there is, bringing all your skills, all your experiences, all your passions and even all your quirks into the world to make a difference only you can make.

Sound good?

Well get ready to dust off your cape (I know you have it somewhere!) and join the band of moms who are super in many different ways, all working, playing and connecting to make the world a better place for moms, kids and everyone else.

My superpower is helping other moms find their superpower and deciding how they want to use it to change their lives and the lives of those around them.  I do this in individual coaching, group classes and cultivating a community of like-minded moms to support and encourage one another in their amazing awesomeness.

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